With a thump, I hit the floor,
Anxious for what lays in store.
Early on this spring day's morn
I wake to watch the sun be born.

Hoping that I'm not too late,
I whisk outdoors at a hurried gait.
Seeing that darkness hasn't yet ceased
I settle myself and face t'ward the east.

Over the horizon, a pink tint peeps.
Over the horizon, a red hue creeps.
Over the horizon, an orange light seeps.
Over the horizon, the yellow dawn sweeps.

I gaze, unable to avert my eyes
From the alluring dance of the eastern skies.
The fiery mass continues to rise,
Maturing into its full-grown size.

The golden sphere reaches its crest.
The rays warm the day; the day is blessed.

- Jon Parise