Welcome to Ken's Place

Please note, The digs are under renovation... please bear with the uglyness...

Hi, hello, and how are you... Welcome to my place on the web. Scattered around these pages you can find out about things that I like , things that I do for fun, and some things that I want.. But first, some actual facts about me.

I am a member of Computer Science House at Rochester Institute of Technology, where I graduated in May of 1998 with a Bachelor Of Science degree in Information Technology.

I am currently employed as Systems Developer for the AV Automotive Group in Arlington, VA. Take a look at my resume. Also, see what my profession would have been in Medievil Times, and see what yours would be...

I'm an American, and damn proud of it. I am originally from Long Island, being born and raised there for 18 years. Then I lived in Rochester for a few years while attending RIT. Now, I own a home in Laurel, Maryland.

I am engaged to a wonderful woman by the name of Christie Walker. She does web design, one of the many interests we have in common. Take a look at her pride and joy, The Garden In The Sky , a website dedicated to the author V.C. Andrews. Our wedding is going to be in late 2002... wish us luck... :-)

I am a friend to many, yet to few:

I am also a member of S.C.U.M.... just take a look, we don't bite (unless asked nicely). As for my pesonality type, it has been determined that I am an ENFP.

Ken Speich / kenny@csh.rit.edu