Kenneth A. Speich

8918 Pembrook Woods
Laurel, MD 20723
Phone: (301) 362-4097



Alt. E-Mail:

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Education And Certifications


BS In Information Technology (1998)
Rochester Institute of Technology,
Rochester, NY


                BrainBench Certifications --

·         Cold Fusion (Master Level)

·         HTML 3.2 (Master level)

·         RDBMS Concepts

·         Javascript (Master Level)

·         Cold Fusion 4.5 (Master Level)

·         Perl (Master Level)

·         Written English

·         Network Monitoring


Other Training: Applied Database Management, Intro to Oracle 7, Advanced Perl with CGI, AR

   System Advanced Topics 4.0, Technical Writing, Organization and Development of 

   Technical Documents, Technical Editing


Professional Experience


AV Automotive Group, LLC – Arlington, VA (April 2002 – Present)


Systems Developer, MIS (April 2002 – Present)

Developed web-based applications for internal company use.  Supported and maintained company intranet server (UNIX-Based).  Maintained and developed content and design for corporate websites.  Supported user base of 75+ users on PC applications and problems.  Assisted in the redesign and implementation of internal WAN and LAN reaching across 3 locations.  Co-Led the conversion of the conversion of Dealer Management Systems, including networking and web based tools using PHP and MySQL. 


Cidera, Inc. -- Laurel, MD (June 2000 - September 2001)


Manager, Network Surveillance (December 2000 - September 2001)          

Managed group of 2-3 people in charge of monitoring internal network and company-owned customer equipment. Oversaw and participated in requirements, design (structural, policy and pseudo-code), and development of a web-based system to configure Netcool/OMNIbus to monitor the network objects. Created reports from collected data using Cold Fusion, HTML, and perl. Created custom perl scripts to enhance Netcool alarm data. Used Visio to map out database designs.  Used perl and HTML to design a monitoring system web-based front-end prototype.  Wrote scripts in perl to monitor custom data from Cidera's proprietary software and integrated the alarms and data collection into the Netcool suite. Used perl and DBI modules to manipulate Oracle and Sybase-based databases.


Team Lead, Support Services Group (June 2000 - December 2000)

Led design and implementation of databases in Oracle for use with web-based applications. Led groups of developers (including myself) on various web-based development projects as a facilitator, lead designer, and project lead using perl, Cold Fusion, and HTML.  Used Visio to map out database designs.  Compiled requirements gathered from user groups. Created high-level design mockups of various developmental systems.  Participated in design of internal operations infrastructure.  Designed and developed web-based password synchronization system using perl, Cold Fusion, and HTML. Helped support operational systems from a data collection and customer access point of view.



Intermedia Communications - Beltsville, MD (June 1996 - June 2000)


Project Manager, Information Systems (April 2000 - June 2000)

Coordinated developer efforts on various projects. Worked to ensure prompt and on-time delivery of project deliverables. Used Microsoft Project to create project plans. Completed design documentation. Created mock-ups and prototypes for various phases of Sales Lead Tracking System in HTML. Used Visio to map out database designs.  Designed and implemented multiple relational databases for use with Cold Fusion/Perl/Remedy/HTML applications. Worked with other project managers to run cross-location and cross-organization initiatives. Also continued some development work while a project manager, using both Cold Fusion and perl.


Applications Programmer, Information Systems (February 1999 - March 2000)

Created Database front ends using Remedy for company wide use. Wrote perl scripts to interact with both the Remedy ARS system and Oracle. Used Cold Fusion to design and create interactive web applications. Helped maintain company intranet. Assisted in the creation and adaptation of new products into the Order Tracking System. Worked with Customer Service to maintain database-facing applications on customer support web servers.


Webmaster, Customer Support (June 1998 - February 1999)

Led web staff of 2-6 people, comprised from customer service technicians.  Delegated minor development tasks out to web staff.  Continued maintenance and improvement of Customer Support website. Added higher levels of security for sensitive customer information, including implementation of SSL server and password authentication. Created tools via perl CGI scripts to allow customers to make configuration changes via web interfaces. Streamlined internal web site processes. Implemented automation for both internal and external uses via interface with the DIGEX Oracle server.


Customer Support, Major Accounts (June 1996 - May 1998)

Assisted leased line customers in reaching resolutions of problems, including both hardware and software. Worked with telephone companies to keep internet connections working correctly. Helped customers to keep correct DNS, mail, news, and router configurations to keep each connection working correctly. Revised, corrected and helped maintain support web pages. Implemented password protection scheme for use on secure web server for sensitive customer transactions.

Skills And Experience



Netcool/OMNIbus, Cold Fusion 4.x, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project), Remedy AR System 3.x - 4.x (User and Admin Experience), NetSaint, OpenLDAP, Apache, sendmail



HTML, CFML, perl, php, SQL, Javascript, expect, UNIX Shell Scripting


Operating Systems

UNIX (System V and BSD-based), Microsoft Windows (95,98,ME,XP,2000)


Networking Protocols and Servers

TCP/IP, httpd, smtp, dhcp, snmp, DNS/BIND, telnetd, ftpd