Confusion In Paradise

The soft subtle sweetness slides
Down her dimples, as she slowly
Lets her feelings fly. There are
Many who make her happy, and still more
who mortify and maim her psyche.
But a persuading beautyy peeks through
politely, quite pretty.

The tears flow freely, but her ego
remains in check, staving off any
Attempts of infiltration unto her.
The heart won't let it happen,
Yet her heart is with another.

And yet through all the troubles,
A happiness shines through.
A beauty she remains while on
The inside she is a mess.
This way and that, don't know
Where to go, or what to think;
As the one who is closest is
Suddenly so far away,
While the one who is most distant
Has quickly become a part of her.

And somewhere her thoughts drift
To a pale shade of pink,
As thoughts of embarrasment and
Shyness come to her mind,
And yet these unsettling emotions
Bring happiness... and
All else is forgotten for a while.

But, while a puddle forms at her feet,
She dreams of a better day,
And a better place,
And a better time,
And sees a reflection
Of where she will be,
And who she will be,
And feels good again.