I fell into a deep dark pit...
Falling, falling, falling again.
And at the end of my fall were
Thousands and thousands of thoughts.
They were just sitting there,
Minding their own buisness.
And I picked one up,
And it spoke to me.
It said "You should be feeling good."
And I did... and it was wonderful.
Being one with my feelings,
Being one with you.
Then I picked up another thought,
And all it said was...
I love you!!!!!
And I knew that it was a true feeling,
Because this feeling was pulsating
With many different feelings.
They just sat there like
They were trying to escape.
They felt bottled up, and then
They released.
And then I felt better than I have
In a very long time.
I was happier than I ever thought
That I could be.
And I know one thing for sure...