In Your Eyes

In your eyes, I see you.
I can look at you on the outside,
And I see a thing of beauty.
I see a physical piece of loveliness.

But in your eyes, I see you.
Not the outward you, the real you...
I see what you feel, see what
you see, all in a sparkle in your eyes.

I see your fear.
How you don't want the world
To take you hostage.
Fear of the unknown, as well as the known.

I see your apprehension.
How you don't want to approach
Subjects that you never thought
You would need to deal with.

I see your tension.
How you anguish over sexual, societal,
Academic, technological and personal frustrations.
And damage your psyche.

Most of all, I see your love.
The love you hold for many,
But truly for few.
Some are more privileged than others.

And the love is what dominates.
It shines through to the outside,
And enhances your beauty more.
And it all starts in your eyes.