"Joined At The Heart"

She cries softly, as memories invade.
Those of a better time and place, one of
Trust, thankfulness, and happiness.
A trust never known.
A thankfulness that had never been felt.
A happiness long since forgotten.

She had known it once long ago.
But love had turned to indifference.
Then to hate.
Though the love was still there,
Her heart and mind were bare.
Until now.

He walked into her life,
The knight in shining armour.
He swept her away into a new
Universe, one she had dreamed about.
One where she felt as if
She belonged.

It was so real, yet it seemed as if a dream.
It had feelings and emotions, though
Neither of them could believe it to be real.
They were so close to each other, yet forced
To be so far away. Yet, in some mystical way,
He felt close to her.

She lived in his heart.
And him in hers.
Other temptations became futile,
Other people merely presences.
Other loves non-existant,
For they are joined at the heart.