The Other Side

A touch so sweet, yet never felt;
She's on the other side of the glass.
A voice muffled through the phone,
Turns my mind to such a mess.
I look and see a pretty face...
In pictures, true, but even so,
The image sticks in my mind.
It won't ever go.
And the words I read, the
Many meanings to construe.
It's those thoughts I need, and also
The meanings as they come from you.
The feelings I feel are truly real.
They solved me of my Achille's Heel.
They are quite sudden, and very surreal,
But there's no denying the feelings I feel.
I look back to the window,
(the pane in my ass it is) and despair.
For all I may wish, and all I can do,
There is no getting to you there.
But looking on longer, the glass has a chip.
A crack from which all things may appear.
And although I can't kiss you or hold you,
Our feelings can get to each other through there.
And although we've never met,
And though we've never touched,
Glass or no glass in the way,
I care for you very much.