My Reasons

It's not just the kiss, although that's nice.
And although it's sound, it's not your advice.
And it's not just your touch, which tingles me through;
There are lots of reasons that I love you.

It's not only your smile, which glimmers and glows.
Part could be your hair, let down or in bows.
It could be your laugh, but one thing is true;
There are many reasons that I love you.

You aren't rich (and if you were, you'd share!)
You aren't famous (as if I would care.)
You aren't royalty (no, your blood's not blue.)
But those don't factor into my love for you.

It's all of your features rolled into one,
A lovely young woman who's a whole lot of fun.
The joys of companionship, I feel it straight through;
These are the reasons that I love you.