Plastic Surgery to Rangers HomePage

August 9, 1997

Added Rangers Windows 95 theme to Sights and Sounds page, soon to add another one. And, for all who suggested it, I changed the background... something a little easier to read now! Possibly a designe change in the near future.

February 11, 1997

Made some major additions to the "Sights and Sounds of the New York Rangers" page... Sounds are now only in .wav format, due to space limitations... Hopefully soon to add more historical info...

December 3, 1996

Well, it's been a while since the last major update, but some news is afoot... The rangers Bio page is up, and there is an online form to submit entries into the Rangers Bio page... check it out...

July 4, 1996

Happy Independance Day!! To celebrate, I've added a "Sights and Sounds of the New York Rangers" page.. lots of sounds and images... I have included sounds in both .au and .wav formats, but may be forced to limit it to just .au in the future...

June 26, 1996

I've added a bunch of historical stuff over the last 2 months, including a list of captains, Year by year scoring leaders, and a list of 0-0 games. Also, check out the Rangers Fan Club info...

April 2, 1996

Frames are here... but only a little bit... check them out, at the award winners page. The non-framed page is still available, but check out the Framed version.

March 25, 1996

Check out the new page full of coaches... it's in table form, so only people with table capable browsers can view it now, but I should be able to do it soon in non table form... Soon to come: Hall of fame list (possible short biographies), Frames for awards pages, other possible enhancements.

March 5, 1996

I wrote a new poem... check it out! It's called Messier On The Ice, a takeoff on Casey At The Bat. It is about Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, 1994.

February 21, 1996

There will be many changes here in the next few months... Due to problems beyond my control, these pages will become more of a historical abstract on the Greatest team in Professional Hockey, the New York Rangers. I will not have day to day statistics, for the constant upkeep of this page has affected other parts of my life. It will, however, become an informative page. Look for a possible design change, as well as the updating of links.

Ken Speich