No one leaves you
When you live in their Heart and Mind
And no one dies
They just move to the other side
When we're gone...
Watch the world simply carry on
We live on laughing and in no pain
We'll stay and be happy
With those who loved us today

Marillion-- Estonia

As Mages with butterknives go, I'm one of the more dangerous ones. I've done well to find bizarre ways of looking at problems. Not always the best way (ask the Shadowrun group!!! ) but definitely a different way. As far as who I am, it really depends on who you talk to. Many people know me as Linus. I was nicknamed after the Peanuts character, because I looked too sweet, innocent and naiive to be in college. Unfortunately a lot of uncool things happened that forced me to grow up from there, but I have managed. I don't think there is much about me that is too bad. (again, one would have to ask others about this...)

These days I spend doing Systems Administration on Solaris machines, but I still dream of being a writer. It has been a while since I have added anything new to my collection, but hopefully someday that will change.

What can I say? to know me is to know me. I could tell you what I think I'm like, and others can tell you what they think I am like... and even still you wouldn't really know me. I do like the following: New England, Scotland, Guinness, and Music. Yeah, lots of music. Oh well, here are some things I do and think, and links to other things. If you like to chat about any of these, you can always drop me a line ..
Patter gives her first litter a bath. We kept the lilac
colored one and named her Graeddlwyn. (that's the
one with her mouth open. Smile!!!)
Pittering Softly
Siamese hunt fallen leaves
Patter Quietly


My Masters Project is finished. I will be working on it again sometime soon. Watch this space for Breaking News. (including "what was it about??")
Salamander of Bink Inc. Ahh.. the first shadowrunner of my life. Salamander (as pictured at the top of this page) turned out to be my favorite character. Sure, I am a bit miffed at how things turned out for him... but people learned not to mess with him and his buddies.
Barre Players Guild Supporter I haven't been there in years, but the play is still in me!
The Sterling Renaissance Festival is where I work in the summer as a Tarot reader. If you make it out To Sterling NY, look for a man named Salamander...
Flouting. Assuming some day I will get back into playing. For the most part I was trained to do classical and baroque; I want to get more into irish, there is a lot of life in it. I also have interest in learning the Bohdran as well, so I can just play along with others and do something other than fluting.


"Let's shake the dew off this lilly, shall we?"
Stories ( not finished ) This is a small collection of things that I have been doing. I hope to be a full time writer some day. I hope to have another three stories in place before the end of 1998. Considering now that it is 2001 and nothing new, no meeting ... Time to stop holding your breath...
Steiner War Leader Sure, our current battletech campaing is crawling to a halt, but it is continuing, slowly. As the Steiner page shows, I am very partial to one particular house....

In the past few years I have gotten involved in more detailed campaigns, all of which need to be better automated. But I have really enjoyed them. I have also shown my prowess on the battlefield by winning the first free-for-all held in Rochester, NY.. 33 straight hours of 'mech bashing ....

Being the best damn Destroyer pilot possible. Nothing like a game of netrek. Beware the Power Trio of "Oi! Dat's my Leg!", Salamander and Grendel. We are NOT to be trifled with. We have had some many wonderous nights playing this game. Mazrim was always the most effective button in the games we had, and there was very little that could stop the "Scourge of the Universe" once he got started.
Bringing the Dwarven Empire back to it's glory. Not such a big priority these days since Warhammer just isn't that much of a time-sink for me. The rules are very tough for a dwarf player to win.
Fighting valiantly for the Emperor, and destroying all who oppose the Space Wolves. This is a little more interesting... although I don't play as much, this game still seems fun to me.
Playing as much Clan War as possible. I can not get enough of this game. Right now I play the Crab Clan, and I have had pretty good success. The players arround here are really cool guys- and much better sports about games than the other wargammers ...