A list of minis.  This will get better in time.

Total: 		596
Crab:		242
Unicorn:        131
Shadow:          38
Unaligned:      181
Toturi:      	 51
Large Bases:     10

List By Base:
Infantry:       519
Cavalry:        111
Large:           15
Beast:            2

Crab Forces
Unit                    Number  Condition    Picture:
Hida House Guard         16      Painted     Here
Champion's Guard         12      Painted     Here 
Crab Heavy Elites	 32      Painted
Crab Bezerkers           20      Painted
Defenders of the Wall    20      Painted
The Damned               20      Painted     Here 
Hiruma Archers/Scouts    32      Painted
Hiruma Medium Elites     32      Painted
Tsuru's Legion		 14	 Painted
Kuni Witch Hunters       16      Painted
Kaiu Engineers           12      Painted
Hida Kisada		         Painted     Here
Hida Yakamo		         Painted     Here
Hida O-Ushi		         Painted     Here
Hida Sukune		         Painted     Here
Hida Unari		         Painted     Here
Hida Tsuru		         Painted     Here
Hida Amoro		         Painted     Here
Yasuki Nokatsu		         Painted     Here
Hida Tampako                     Painted     Here
Kuni Yori                        Painted     Here
Kuni Sensin (generic shugenja)   Painted     Here and here
Hiruma Kage                      Painted     Here
Hiruma Yoshi                     Painted     Here
Hiruma Takeda                    Painted     Here and here and here
Kaiu Kenru                       2 Painted   Here
Oni No Yakamo             2      2 Painted

Unicorn Forces
Shinjo's Thunder	 16      Primed
Shinjo House Guard       16      Primed
Ki-rin War Dogs          16      Primed
Ai-kyu Archers		 12      Primed
Battle Maidens   	 14	 Primed
Moto Fanatics		 17      Primed
Unicorn Striders         20      Primed
Shinjo Horse Bowmen      10      Primed
Otaku Kamoko			 Primed
Shinjo Hanari                    Primed
Iuchi Takai                      Primed
Otaku Baiken			 Primed
Iuchi Karasu                     Primed
Mosaku                           Primed
Shinjo Tashima                   Primed
shinjo Yokatsu                   Primed
Iuchi Daiyu                      Primed
Shinjo Yasoma                    Primed

Unaligned Forces
Generic Leaders           4      Primed
Medium Infantry          22      Primed
Medium Archers           28      Primed
Ratling Bushi		 25	 Painted
Heavy Cavalry		 12 	 Primed
Earth Dragon		  1      Painted
Fire Dragon 	 	  1      Painted
Unaligned Archers	 35      Primed
Unaligned Samurai	 24      Primed
Ishikawa			 Primed
Moshi Wakisa			 Primed
Naka Kuro        		 Primed
Yojimbo                   8      4 Primed, 4 Painted

Toturi Forces
Toturi				 Primed
Mikio				 Primed
Taquan				 Primed
Elite Heavy Inf.	16	 Primed
Veteran Ronin Archers	12	 Primed
Elite Ronin Guard	20	 Primed
12 Ronin/Mantis         14       Primed

Shadowland Forces
Kyoso no Oni		  2      Primed
Plague Zombies           16      Primed
Skeletal Troops 	 40	 Primed
Skeletal Archers	 12	 Primed
Oni no Suru               4      Primed
Oni no Kiso                2     Primed
Ogre Bushi                2      Painted
Ogres                     4      Painted

Not mine, but painted for a friend:
Lion Heavy Elite
Kitsu Matsu