"How to start with Grinder??? We've been through alot together. Ook Ook Orc Fucked. I've been trapped in time with him. I've been shredded by rotary Cannons with him. I've even occasionally 'not gotten shot' with him. He's the only other physical adept in the group so i feel a kinship to him. I've gotten a little ahead of him in my studies and i hope to help him with his soon. Amazing how far he has pulled himself up from the gangs he ran with. Only thing I wish he would do is stopping cooking with so much garlic." At this, Jester paused for a moment and smiled.

-"Jester" of Bink Inc.

"I have to say that Grinder is my favorite mage. Sure, I like the way the other mages can heal me, but Grinder doesn't let the magic get in the way of good old-fashioned combat. I respect that."

-"Blake" of Bink Inc.