I'm Jester. Also known as Jonathan DeVere. Well, that's my real name. Jester is what I've come to be called. It's one of those "Running in the shadows" things. Sorry about the photo. It's from one of my worse moments.

I'm the son of Wage-Slaves. Born into the Renraku Arco and forced to watch my parents die in a corp write-off. I managed to get through my early years and away from the corp. I'm a physical adept and I found this out in college when I was majoring in metalurgy. I make fine blades. I've since graduated but hung around the campus using the forge for a monthly fee.

All that changed the one night I walked out of my apartment and into a group of people on the run from an unknown assailant. Salamander and Vantangerlou were my first intro into Bink Inc. I soon met Vixen, Grinder and Grunk. Grunk has since left us to go logging in Maine. Since then, we have been pursuing the identity of "White Life" for more than a year. It's linked into the biggest conspiracies that I have ever heard of. Some of the biggest corps of the world have been involved in millions of deaths and billions of nuyen of destruction. We took care of it and are now one of the most powerful groups of people in the world. We're rich beyond our wildest dreams and are living well. Or Unliving.

Grinder, Blake and I have taken over the security aspects of Bink Inc. We've learned much and hired good people. I head magical security. Blake heads physical security. Grinder heads training; he gets us the people we need and makessure they are good at what they do. We try to maintain a personal touch with those under us. I everyonce and a while spot check all the security installations. Keeps the guards both on there toes and knowing that the high-ups care about them. Remebering there names is hard but worth it.

We're still a group of Dilitautes. None of us have had any real experience in running the shadows. We muddle and fumble through. But we have the power to get the job gone. One way or another we get the job done. We've gotten much better recently. Come on try us.

Mothers, don't let your children grow up to be ShadowRunners. Or UnDead.

>>>>>[I met the fragger once. Came out of the smog of a cold Barrens night decked out like some N'orleans freaker. His face had been glamoured up to be some paled mimer and his mobile bits were wreathed in fire. How do I know it was really him with all the glamour and smog. I saw him kill my three chummers without touching them. He waved his hands like he was slicen and dicen and Hardened died. He killed me too, but my trama dampner only paralysed me from the neck down.]<<<<< -- Straight Arrow(08:25:35/09-05-52)

>>>>>[Hoi, Arrow, I emp. I tried to dance a run with a Bink Inc. prodfac. We'd eyed the site for a cycle or two and had caught the pattern. 8:30-9:00pm was the preemo. We sliced the wall and were in at 8:31. Null larms, we'd spliced a signal feeder into the offsite larm line. The sama died one bye one in the corridors and therehouses. I found him only by usen my real eyes. He stood alone at the end of a corridor on the factory floor. I hit him with every spell I knew. He walked forward two feet for every spell I cast. I was crying by the time he got up to me. He offered me a job in Herm research. I took it. I think it was a good idea.]<<<<< -- Dev_null(21:46:12/09-06-52)

>>>>>[I met him at a society function that Bink Inc. and Wegmans had put on together. It benefited some cause that the Order of Arimith dis-agreed with. Something about free speach or such. He was very handsome in the black tux he wore. Anyway, I managed to snag him into a dance. He was the best dancer, and he had the cutest little fangs. They show when he smiles. I asked him how he got them. He said they're natural. I hope to meet him again.]<<<<< -- Silver Rose(13:56:24/09-07-52)

>>>>>[09-09-52. Bink Inc, Seatle. Your pass will be at the door waiting, Silver Rose]<<<<< -- Jester(18:28:24/09-07-52)