Salamander, what can I say, I like da guy. I mean dis is one human dat has a real Ork attitude. He looks out for his friends and kicks da bad guy's butts. His only real problem is dat he likes to picks fights with da samuri. Dats real bad. If dey ever started ta fight it could wipe out da whole group. I mean really wipe us out. We would all be slick spots on da ground. Except da vampire. Da only way dat Sal. could hurt dat big lumox for long is to heal it. Ya gotta love it.

-"Grinder" of Bink Inc.

"Salamander... Well, fore-most and first off he's a psycho. I sometimes think he's got the IQ of a poptart, but since he tastes as good as one I don't complain too much. He should really be glad I've know him as long as I have, or that UV light in the Fridge would have turned ugly."

-"Jester" of Bink Inc.

"All I can say is it was about time he stopped with the pufta magic stuff and picked up that gun."

-"Blake" of Bink Inc.

"He's a complete menace to society! I called the cops more than once on that lunatic, him and that freak girlfriend of his. I don't care what kind of friends he has at Arisaka. Not him or them is going to keep me from evicting that fragging bastard out on his ear AND he can just kiss that security deposit good-bye!"

-Salamander's former landlord.

Hailing from Scotland, Salamander MacKensie (Kevin Craig) is the hermatic mage of Bink Inc. His parents were killed when a 'weather' sattelite mysteriosly 'misfired'-- destroying his home in Scotland. Since then Salamander has been wandering Seattle,
>>>>>[hello there chummers! If there is any doubt about the power of this 'bumbling idiot', remember he has reached the level of hermatic initiate. From what I hear he's been to the planes of fire, ice and death. Remember when the last part of the United States was destroyed??? My sources say Salamander was there, and he used magic in space! I know, I know, but he had something on him that allowed him to focus mana... Needless to say, you're gonna get geeked if you go up against him, even if his friends get you first. I'd love to work with this guy.]<<<<< -- fire_flash(09:55:16/09-07-52)

>>>>>[Stop kissing his ass!!! He doesn't even read the 'nets. Scan this one: I worked with the bastard, and let me tell you, it ain't no picnic. This idiot is a menace to all deckers. If you see him, KILL KILL KILL!!! He hired me to go on a 'milk run'... cha. a milk run so cold, there was black ICE waiting for me. I barely got my sorry-ass butt out in time. Landed me in Doc Wagon for weeks. And then that mage nearly kills me trying to hook a deck up to me in intensive care! Sheesh. Some people were NOT meant to play with technology.]<<<<< -- deker(17:02:32/09-08-52)

>>>>>[BTW, there is a 100,000 Y reward for Salamander's head (no body attached). If interested, contact me.]<<<<< -- arasaka_bob(06:12:32/09-09-52)

>>>>>[deker - in your dreams!!! the only things salamander is a threat to are field mice and deckers who don't know drek about the biz (and grounded unoccupied banshee hover craft, the occasional free spirit, his friends...... oh- and troll mercinaries......) and, hey, fire_flash...... if you want to know what it's like to work for bink inc...... try living in downtown detroit for and hour or two...... and don't wait till they have it all cleaned up and capable of sustaining life...... that's cheating...... :) for you arasaka-bob, if i ever catch you loitering around here again, your gonna wish you lived in detroit!! have a nice day.]<<<<< -- vixen(bite:me/ma-bell)

>>>>>[snicker... come here little mortal...]<<<<< -- jester(00:00:00/09-10-52)

>>>>>[Huh? is this some sort of inside joke?]<<<<< -- hopper(12:33:19/09-10-52)