IMDB 'I Saw That' Scripts

IMDB 'I Saw That' Hacks

I wrote a few PHP scripts to help me quickly figure out which of the Internet Movie Database's top 250 films I have seen.

Unfortunately, these don't seem to work from this web server for some reason.... the movie database forbids all of the requests.

Both the imdb-ask.php and the imdb-show.php scripts take the following optional arguments:

The IMDB url to retrieve. The default is http://www.imdb.com/top_250_films.
The url of the file in which the ids of the movies you have seen are stored (one per line). The default is imdb.dat.
Tells the script to ignore movies mentioned in the seen file.
Tells the script to ignore movies which are not mentioned in the seen file.

The first script imdb-ask.php pulls down a page from the movie database. It presents me with a list of checkboxes for the films referenced on that page. For each film, it pre-checks those films which it knows I have already seen. Here are some examples:

Once you submit that script, it will spew out a list of movie identifiers. You should copy these into the file imdb.dat. The results are displayed by the script imdb-showquery.php

The last script imdb-show.php pulls down a page from the movie database. It presents the items in a simple list. One can override all of the presentation by adding parameters to query. It supports preList and postList for html to surround the list. It supposts preEntry and postEntry to go around the entries. It supposts preSeen and postSeen to go around the movies in the seen file. And, it supports nohref to indicate that you don't want links to the movie database. Here are some examples: