Father and Son

There are lots of reasons, son, that we should all vote pro-choice. Not only do we need to restore and protect the freedoms secured in Roe v. Wade, but we need to protect our mothers, our sisters, our friends, and ourselves from those who claim domain over our bodies and minds.

It's more than just our bodies and minds, too. Anti-choice legislators and executives stand opposed to great good we can do throughout the world.

Rather than doing research that may cure some horrible illnesses, anti-choice legistlators and executives have denied it. Rather than bringing condoms to nations drowning in the AIDS epidemic, anti-choice executives have forbidden funding of any clinic that even mentions abortion may be an option.

Instead of living up to our tremendous potential as a nation, the anti-choice agenda has sought to control our bodies, to make us ashamed of our compassion, and to make us fear our sexuality.

I expect more from us. I expect more from me. I expect more from you. And, I expect more from the people I vote for.