Hugging Numbers

Hugging Numbers Applet

Instructions below...


The zoom bar should be somewhat obvious.

Enter the number of sides for your polygon.

Press New to create a new master shape.

Drag the vertexes of the master shape around to modify the shape. (The master shape cannot be modified after it has been cloned.)

Press Clone to copy the currently selected shape.

Click and drag a shape to move it. (The master shape is locked in the center.)

Press CW to rotate the currently selected shape clockwise.

Press CCW to rotate the currently selected shape counter-clockwise.

Press Flip to flip mirror the currently selected shape.

To Do

  • ❑ To Do
    • ✓ Implement creation of regular polygon
    • ✓ Implement cloning of current polygon
    • ✓ Allow selecting of shapes
    • ✓ Make even-sided shapes flat on top and bottom instead of on left and right
    • ✓ Allow dragging of shapes
    • ✓ Prettify the rendering of shapes
    • ✓ Allow rotation of shapes
    • ✓ Implement zooming
    • ✓ Indicate overlapping shapes
    • ✓ Allow one to edit master shape
    • ✓ Allow one to specify master shape explicitly
    • ❑ Implement magnetic edges
    • ✓ Allow one to flip a shape?