William P. W. Gousios

Call me Liam for short.

I was born September 10, 1998 at Shady Grove hospital at 12:09 am (0009)
I weighed 4.27 kg (9 lbs. 6 oz.)
I was 54 cm (21 1/4 in.) long.

NEW NEW NEW (I'm almost two!)

Now my dad put a couple snapshots into one quicktime movie: (About 2mb) Check it out:

Here I am playing with Marty and Matthew... Kira is following us arount to. (7MB) Check it out:

Thanks to Arlan for digitizing these pics.

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Dad giving Liam his first bath in the hospital nursery

Mom and Liam ready to come home from the hospital.

Dad with Liam in the hospital

Liam with his first birthday card.

Liam taking a nap.

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