1996 Olympic Weightlifting Champion

A local hero in his home town of Solnechnodolsk. Andrei lives a fairly quiet life with his wife and two sons. He's been lifting since he was 15. Hesaid that there was nothing else to do when he was growing up. So now, when he's not traing to keep his title of "World's Strongest Man", he spends his time working as a cop earning less than $200 a month (counting competition prize money). Although he isn't called to duty that often because they don't have a uniform that fits his 364lb frame. All this and he's only 24.

He began his stay in Atlanta on a fairly sour note - his camcorder was stolen at the ariport, but that didn't deter him. He really hates american sports drinks, and even after he broke the world weightlifting record they still wouldn't let him have a beer. I think he earned one.

Olympic photo gallery

Andrei and silver medalist Ronny Weller of Germany
The three Olympic medalistst
Side view of Andrei in action

Various views of Andrei's lifts

It's a new world record!
Celebrating with his coach
Presenting the new Olympic and world champion!

Other photos of Andrei in action

From 11/95

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