"For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happend."

Douglas Adams

Trevor Clarke

A résumé of me

This is a landing page for me, it contains a few interests, links to my other sites, and an occasional thought or post.

It is not a professional résumé, linkedin handles that.

It is not a discussion site, Google+ and Facebook do a good job on that front.

It is a central location with some information on my interests and projects, both personal and professional. Occasional blog posts will likely be technical but there are links to my more artistic endeavors.

About Me


I work for Ball Aerospace, builders of satellites, cameras, and much software. I'm a software engineer working primarily for the US government. I do a lot of image processing, GIS, and related work.


I spent quite a bit of time in college living, working, and enjoying Computer Science House at RIT. Much of my love for computers, movies, fun, and all things geek grew and thrived there.


Python hacker, C++ pro, and occasional web weenie. I work on image processing, GIS, and remote sensing software. I've got a soft spot for AI and have been investigating deep learning applications in image processing and synthetic music.


A one-time oboeist and clarinetist, I mostly produce electronic music in my spare time as Vestigial Wang. Check out my bandcamp, soundcloud, and YouTube channels.

Kung Fu

I've been studying Tien Shan Pai kung fu at TAMA Martial Arts since 2004. I'm a black sash, instructor, and I'm training to fight full contact lei tai. You can see some demonstrations at the TAMA YouTube channel.


I love to ski and I used to race slalom and giant slalom. Living in the midwest, I don't ski nearly as much as I used to but when I get a chance, I love going to Alta


I occasionally post about my beer brewing exploits over at Real Men Drink Yeast.

  • So, I get an unsolicited add on snapchat…It’s obviously a sex worker for scammer. Normally I just block but I was bored so I decided to have a little fun. Here is the conversation.

  • Git has a great feature to prevent fraudulent commits, especially in public repositories. You can signed a commit with a PGP compatible tool (GnuPG is probably the most common). This is great when you’re using the command line tools, just do a git commit -s and you’re good to go.

  • Today I exported my old LiveJournal posts due to the new terms of service for the site. I’ve decided to post them here for archival purposes. I didn’t do much reformatting so I can’t guarentee everything will look nice, but it’s available. You can checkout the livejournal tag to see what’s there.

  • After years of languish I’ve decided to put something on my CSH site so I’ve begun a redesign. Stay tuned for more content.

  • Ok, here’s some info on my latest brew. It’s the first homebrew for my brewing assistant Brent so we went with something fairly easy and straightforward.

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  • Scale

    Scale is a system that provides management of automated processing on a cluster of machines. It allows users to define jobs, which can be any type of script or algorithm. These jobs run on ingested source data and produce product files. The produced products can be disseminated to appropriate users and/or used to evaluate the producing algorithm in terms of performance and accuracy.
  • Opticks

    Opticks is an expandable remote sensing and imagery analysis software platform.
  • COAN

    A number of unofficial extensions for Opticks.

    WPS/WCS/WebGL/OpenLayers based remote sensing processing demos.
  • JOSC

    Sound Control (OSC) library for javascript including a proxy using WebSockets and node.js.
  • Python Rice compression

    Cython wrapper for cfitsio Rice compession routines.
  • Limerock Days ebook

    I've been scanning and converting one of my grandfather's books, Limerock Days, to an ebook. This is a self published title containing stories from his childhood on an old New England farm. Expect updates here when it's complete.