• As promised I built a dual band satellite antenna that will work with an inexpensive FM HT for making satellite mediated QSOs. There are not many materials needed and only a couple of things you can’t get at your local hardware store. The link to the original post about this moxon/yagi is below alone with some photos and information about my implementation.

  • Git has a great feature to prevent fraudulent commits, especially in public repositories. You can signed a commit with a PGP compatible tool (GnuPG is probably the most common). This is great when you’re using the command line tools, just do a git commit -s and you’re good to go.

  • Today I exported my old LiveJournal posts due to the new terms of service for the site. I’ve decided to post them here for archival purposes. I didn’t do much reformatting so I can’t guarentee everything will look nice, but it’s available. You can checkout the livejournal tag to see what’s there.

  • After years of languish I’ve decided to put something on my CSH site so I’ve begun a redesign. Stay tuned for more content.

  • Ok, here’s some info on my latest brew. It’s the first homebrew for my brewing assistant Brent so we went with something fairly easy and straightforward.

  • Anyone going to gencon this year?

  • I’m still in Denver. It’s been a fantastic week weather wise…60’s and even 70 but it’s cold and rainy today. The conference has been pretty good. Made some contacts and saw a couple of good presentations..generally worthwhile. The main conference ends today at noon but this afternoon and tomorrow there’s a special UAS session. Tomorrow afternoon I’m driving up to Boulder to Ball to give a demo. Should be a nice way to wrap up the week. I’m back on a plane saturday morning. It’ll be good to be home. I’ve got a few pics up on facebook and I might be some more up this morning.

  • I woke up at 4am today to catch a 6:45 to Denver. It was worth it tho since I arrived about 8am local time. Plenty of time to drive to the mountains and ski for the day. It was a great day…the place I went had 3 lifts open and enough runs to make it worthwhile. It was sunny and clear all day until about 2:30 when the wind picked up. I toughed it out until closing then drove the 4 miles up a crazy steep and unprotected switchback to Loveland Pass which is part of the continental divide. The wind was furious up there and it was so cold I couldn’t stand more than about 5 minutes outside the car. Drove back to Denver and checked into the hotel. It’s on the main street in downtown so I walked around a bit and had a quick bite to eat. I’m getting ready for an early night since the conference starts up early tomorrow morning.

  • Hmm…funny…I woke up this morning and don’t feel Muslim. Maybe that doesn’t happen until the inauguration.

  • Jenn bought us tickets to a get out the vote concert tonight….Beastie Boys, Sheryl Crow, and Ben Harper! It’s gonna rock….