The Bald Page

Look Ma, No Hair!

Yes, this is really me, and yes, I really was bald.

But, this was taken back in May of 1998, so it no longer accurately reflects the current state of my head. Despite the many men who told me how hot it looked and to keep it shaved, I instead took the advice of the few women who commented that they find long hair more attractive. I may try this little experiment again someday, but for now I'm growing it back, and I apologize to all those men I know I must be disappointing... :)

I was going to digitize a whole bunch of related pictures and put them up here (before and afters, ones of the shaving, my friend Tad getting shaved too, etc), but I never did get the time or access to a scanner to do it. Someday, it will happen, but I guess it'll be a while.


Click on any picture on this page to get a full-size version of it.

So, should I keep shaving it, grow it back, paint pictures on the top of my head...? Feel free to enter your comments below:

The comment submission block doesn't appear to be working anymore, and the last submission I got was in July 1999, so anything else that was sent since then never got to me. I have no idea where the messages went to. Sorry about that. Anyway, just click at the bottom to send me email instead.

Coming soon: more pictures (once I get them digitized): before/after/during, including "the inverse mohawk"

If you've forgotten what I look like with hair, or just can't handle the lack of it and need a safe place to retreat to, CLICK HERE.

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