Stanford University Computer Science Summer Camp II - 1987(?)

Computer Science Summer Camp II

Stanford University

08/22/87 - 08/29/87

Last Partial Update: Thursday, January 16, 1997.

News : 10 Year Reunion?

This August (around the 22nd through 29th) will be the 10 Year Anniversary of this historic event, so, if you were there, or know people who were, get in touch with me. I'm not sure how feasible this will be, with everyone scattered all over the country, but it would be great if we could all get together for a 10 year Computer Science Summer Camp reunion. So, if you read this, write to me, and let me know where you think you'll be this summer, and we'll see what we can work out. Of course, to be a proper reunion, we should all meet at Stanford again. Perhaps we could even rent out a section of the dorms to truly relive the experience? It would be interesting to see how Stanford has changed, as well as how all of us have changed and where we all are these days.

Brief Summary

Okay, this is all really fuzzy in my memory right now, so I really need to dig up some old info, but right now I'm still a bit busy, so... If anyone can refresh my memory, email me and I'll update this. I think the year was 1987, when a bunch of us (the chosen few?) gathered for a week or so for a summer program at Stanford University in California.

I'm trying to make this page into a way for us to find each other again (for those who want to be found) by keeping a list of names and email addresses. (we'll keep personal info separately so it doesn't have to be sent to the whole world, unless you want it publicized)

Email me with any info you want to add (email/web page/etc..), along with your old TOPS/20 username.

Eventually, this page will include information about the summer program, perhaps some accounts of what impact it had on some of us, and where we are today and what we're doing, and maybe how some of aspects of this event from the past affected us.

Those Who Were There

(so far, this was all I could come up with, most of it off an old email printout I found) (and if you were there, please email me and get yourself added to this list)


For those who were there, remember Hamlet, Othello, MacBeth, etc...? Late night card games? Volleyball at 2am and getting told by a cop with a megaphone that we were making too much noise and disturbing the peace? Lisp.. biking all over campus... San Francisco and the science center... lots of cool people and new friends...

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