Thesis: Dynamic Encapsulation of C++ Objects...

My Masters Thesis: "Dynamic Encapsulation of C++ Objects for Distributed Object Oriented Systems"

This is a thesis that I'm currently working on to complete my Masters of Science in Computer Science requirements at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Last Partial Update: Monday, February 7, 2000.


Quick update from 2004:

This page has sat here for 4 years and due to being busy with a startup I never really had time to update it, but I figure it's probably about time I mentioned that the thesis *IS* done, and has been since the end of February, 2000. (yes, 4 years ago) So I finally officially got my Masters Degree in CS (Systems Software) from RIT in March that year, 6 years after starting the program, and 4 years after starting the thesis while working full-time. (most people familar with the project said I should have just done a PhD with it)

IT'S ALMOST DONE!!! (February 7, 2000)

Nothing else on this page has been updated yet. I'm tired, so I'm going to bed soon, but I'll be updating this page soon with all the updates.

It's been ages (over 6 months) since I last updated this page. Yes, I'm still working on my thesis, in what little free time I get. My current job working on the Inferno project at Bell Labs (Lucent Technologies) continues to be very demanding, and takes up most of my time. Also, as I mentioned on this page once before, my thesis turned out to have far too many subprojects which were all very time consuming and could have each been separate theses (such as SHACC).

I think I said something before about having everything finished by the end of 1998. Well, obviously I was wrong. I won't attempt to speculate again about when I'll be done until I get over certain hurdles that are still causing me trouble.

Old News (July, 1998)

I don't want to write too much here now, since I still have a lot of work to get done, but just to keep everyone posted, CParse, on which DECO depends, has turned into a fairly complete C++ parser (sans templates, exceptions, and the standard form of RTTI), and another side project that resulted from this work was SHACC (Shaggy's Homemade Alternative Compiler Compiler), a YACC replacement without the one-token lookahead problem. Anyway, I should get back to work finishing everything, but as soon as I have a spare moment (like once I get an update of the project and paper to my professors) I'll update this page and start putting lots of new things up here.






Does it seem a bit odd that I completed my defense so long ago, but haven't finished my thesis yet? That's because we all thought I was much closer to completion, and didn't realize how many major problems still lay ahead, at the time that I was moving to New Jersey. So, my advisors let me do my defense early, and then finish up the "formality" of the written paper and project. That formality has been taking a lot longer than anyone expected, probably because I am still determined to solve a lot of the problems I set out to solve, without cutting corners.

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