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From: Jaredly
Subject: Tolstoy site


You seem to have a nice comprehensive site about Tolstoy.  Could I ask you
to take a look at my Tolstoy site and include a link from your page.  It can
be found at http://www.ltolstoy.com



From: Alexander Moss
Subject: Alexander II and his times
Dear Mr. Hunt,

I found your web site useful when I was doing research on Tolstoy. In a
recent work that I put online, I have about 7 chapters mainly
devoted to Tolstoy, including many links to pictures of him, his wife,
and places associated with him. See the Table of Contents at

for more info.

	Walter Moss

IPL Reading Room Books (Sto - Tro)
  • "Exiled to Siberia", "Anna Karenina", and "War and Peace" listed.
  • URL: http://ipl.sils.umich.edu/reading/books/sto-tro.html

    The Downfall of Communism
  • Many references to Tolstoy
  • URL: http://www.forerunner.com/forerunner/X0658_Downfall_of_Communis.html

    NZ Proj Gutenberg Table of Contents
  • Listed: The Forged Coupon
  • URL: http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/~nzdl/gutenberg/text/title_toc.html

    Many quotes, including a couple from Tolstoy
  • URL: http://personalwebs.myriad.net/nazad/quotes.htm

    Leo Tolstoy House Museum
  • Pictures of his house in Moscow
  • URL: http://www.ece.arizona.edu:8001/~melcher/moscow/tolstoy.html

    US Air Force Manual
  • Excerpt from one of Tolstoy's war novels about the chaos of war
  • URL: http://tecnet2.jcte.jcs.mil:8000/htdocs/bboards/research.pap/msg..218

    Leo Tolstoy's "Last Message to Mankind".
  • Written for the 18th International Peace Congress, 1909
  • URL: http://www.cp-tel.net/~miller/BilLee/quotes/Tolstoy.html

    Leo Tolstoy's "Last Message to Mankind".
  • Another online location for the "Last Message to Mankind".
  • URL: http://www.web.apc.org/~pgs/pages/ltlmess.html

    "No Reply" - By Leo Tolstoy
  • URL: http://www.forerunner.com/forerunner/X0296_Tolstoy_-_No_Reply.html

    A few of Tolstoy's moral tales
  • URL: http://www.imagitek.com/mcc/sub114.html

    Online Book Index.
  • Many authors, Many Tolstoy writings listed.
  • Biriukov, Pavel: "Leo Tolstoy: His Life and Work"
  • "Anna Karenina", "A Confession", "The Death of Ivan Ilych"
  • "The Devil", "Family Happiness", "Father Sergius"
  • "The Forged Coupon" and Other Stories
  • "Hadji Murad", "The Kreutzer Sonata", "Master and Man"
  • "Twenty-three Tales", "War and Peace"
  • URL: http://www-cgi.cs.cmu.edu/cgi-bin/book/makeauthorpage

    Peace Quotes, beginning with one from Tolstoy's "War and Peace"
  • URL: http://www.a2z.org/cj/peacequotes.html

    Animal Rights / Vegetarianism Quotations
  • A few quotes from Tolstoy's Vegetarian days
  • URL: http://envirolink.org/arrs/quotes.html

    On-line Book Index.
  • "Anna Karenina", "War and Peace", "The Forged Coupon",
  • and other stories listed.
  • URL: http://denisexg.obspm.fr/mirror/book_online.html

    On-line Book Index.
  • "Master and Man", and a biography entitled "His Life and Work"
  • URL: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/booknew.html

    On-line Book Index.
  • "Anna Karenina", "The Forged Coupon", and "War and Peace" listed
  • URL: http://www-lsi.upc.es/www/links/fun/booktitles.html

    On-line Book Index.
  • "Anna Karenina", "The Forged Coupon", and "War and Peace" listed.
  • http://www.toracorp.com/by_title.html

    The University of Virginia Electronic Text Library
  • Searchable index.
  • URL: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/staff/morgan/alex/alex-index.html

    AltaVista: Simple Query: "leo tolstoy"