Hermey or Herbie

You know the perennial Christmas favorite, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You also know the lovable elf who wants to be a dentist. Perhaps one of the greatest non-starring characters in all of Christmas-themed, Claymation-based Animated TV special history. But apparently, what you don't know, is that the elf's name is HERMEY! It's HERMEY fercrissakes!!

No. It is not Herbie. That's the name of The Love Bug, the Volkswagen Beetle from those old-school Disney movies, and it has probably penetrated your subconcious somehow, getting intertwined in your memories of childhood times gone by, until finally you clearly remember the lovable misfit elf with dreams of one day being a dentist, having the name of Herbie. Even a quick gander at these two google results show that 2x as many people are using the name Herbie as opposed to Hermey.

Now, I'd like to have this vote be unanimous. Come on everybody. You know it's right. You know what you have to do. Remember. You wouldn't want to let down Yukon Cornelius, would you?