Hall of the Ancient LEV

So many have labored for so long in order to restore to the public eye the humble beginnings of the LEV_SOCIETY. Intended as a virtual community where all members could live together in peace, with common respect for one another, the ancient LEV underwent a great catastrophe. LEV_SOCIETY was closed on the 22nd of October, 1993.

E-mails poured in protesting the close, emploring the powers to reconsider their actions. The LEVers knew that this computer conference was more to them than just fun and games... it had truly become what the Great Ones, Tyro and Lyza had forseen... a society, a family where all were allowed to go their own way so long as they simply respected one other.

The LEVers kept hope in their hearts. Out of love and foresight, they gathered together their writings, their memories and their friendships. The ideals of LEV would never truly die. Their stories and the story of their conference's dismantling have become legendary, and are still mentioned in all circles today.

But their story did not end there.

Little by little, the Society was reborn. LEVers began to talk with joy again about their ancient home, and so little by little, they worked together and came together to recreate their virtual home. The World Wide LEV was born from the ashes of its ancestor, but even so, they would not forget, never forget that time of joy and community that now seemed so long ago.

The reconstruction of the Ancient LEV is a testament most especially to those who kept the spirit alive, but it is also intended as a welcome to all the good people, past and present, who understand the ability within each one of us to create the good society, to enjoy each other's company, and most of all, to have a good time if we only allow ourselves the option.

Within this great Hall are kept all of the notes which were salvaged by the kind and protected from extinction for so many years. Nothing is embellished, nothing is altered. Some may have forgotten in all this time what the LEV actually was, have forgotten what was shared among so many. No longer. What transpired then is offered for all to see. This reconstruction is a truthful look at who we were, note for note and word for word. I, for one, am proud of what we had then, and what we still carry in us today. Read, remember fondly...

... and welcome home.

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