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The Goldfish Sanctuary's guide to Compassionate Goldfish Stores

Rochester, NY

In all ways, the Goldfish Sanctuary supports only the highest standards in goldfish care. If you intend to buy fish or supplies, it is of vital importance to buy from a compassionate dealer. Not only will the fish be healthier, stronger, and live longer, but you will also be supporting the good care of goldfish.

Beware the pet store who cares only about profit! Some pet goldfish are shipped in by the hundreds and kept in diseased, unhealthy conditions. THIS THE GOLDFISH SANCTUARY ABHORS AND OPPOSES. Fish are often kept in overcrowded tanks. It is the responsibility of the compassionate enthusiast to never support these stores with their purchase dollars. Do not buy your tanks from them, or your fish, or your filters, or anything. Every dollar you spend at these stores is going to be used to abuse more goldfish. If you need proof, just notice how poor the color of these fish are. Notice how many dead fish you find in these tanks. This is not good for the fishkeeper and is certainly a living atrocity for the fish.

In fact, we encourage you to write to poor quality petstores to let them know that you have decided to buy your supplies elsewhere. If you do, Goldfish Sanctuary will proudly display your letter at this site.

Some goldfish stores keep their fish very well. Tanks are not overstocked. Fish are well-fed. Fish are given comfortable, sheltered tanks. Fish are cared for properly and quarantined. For your convenience, some of the best stores in Rochester are listed on this page. Always shop around! Even if you have to spend a little more, it will make a huge difference in the long run, and the quality you receive is likely to be better.

Rainbow Pets - These people are exceptional! Located in Brockport, Rainbow Pets has better prices than anyone I've seen and also a very humane fishkeeping policy. Rainbow Pets makes an effort to ensure that pet buyers are taking proper care of the pets they buy. Tanks are not bare and stressful for fish, but well-sheltered. Rainbow Pets even treats their feeder goldfish humanely (not millions in a tank). I highly recommend this place!

Tropical Fish Emporium - Auburn, NY... another fine store. TFE plants all its tanks very well and you don't see dead fish. These fish are given excellent care. Prices are very reasonable, and staff is knowledgable. Good source of plants. Biggest fish store in Western New York.

A new store which does well in keeping its fish is Pet Life on Monroe Ave. Prices here are very good. I recently saw a 10 gallon tank here for only $5.99, and their prices in general are definitely competitive.

Al's Pet Shop is a small store which keeps its goldfish very well. Supplies are limited, but the quality of fish care cannot be beat. Worth checking out! Near Kodak.

Dolittle's Petstore is located in Webster and has a decent selection of goldfish and related supplies. The fish are treated well and kept in generously sized tanks. This store is definitely worth a look.

Finally, I should mention that Pet World does a pretty good job of keeping its goldfish happy and healthy. They have many locations, and an Aquashop down near Kodak. Fish are treated reasonably well. Petworld does price matching, so if you see a good deal in a cheap but bad store, Petworld will match it.


Whatever you do, DON'T go to PetSmart. They are terrible. They overcrowd their fish (especially the feeders) and I've seen infected fish there on many occassions. Their fish are also obviously stressed out and I've seen dead fish floating in the tanks on many occassions. DO NOT SUPPORT THEM WITH YOUR PURCHASE DOLLARS. You are just making it worse for the fish if you do.

Walmart also sells fish, and keeps them badly. A department store can obviously never offer the same quality of care as a regular petstore, and this is evident in the case of Walmart where many dead or dying fishes can be seen floating in the tanks. The only reason they sell fish is because people are buying their supplies! So don't support them either. Stores like Pet Life offer a great selection at very low prices, so there really is no need to buy from inferior petkeepers just to save a dollar.

Thank you. Directions to these stores will be offered in the future... in the meantime, please consult your local phonebook. If you know of anyone who is starting out in fishkeeping, or is thinking of buying fish supplies, please do your part and mention these quality stores and this website!

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