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Theatre of the Happy Nation

Welcome to the Theatre of the Happy Nation. This monument was
erected in support of World Peace. Our planet is in urgent need of a
great harmony, of a change in perspective. All people are our family, and we must all do our parts to bring about this consciousness. This is the primary purpose of the WORLD WIDE LEV... to raise the understanding of all people to the vast importance
of making a difference.

Has one bad word or look ever literally dampened your entire day?
Our words are powerful!
But just as one bad word can reach many, so it is with the good word.
One good word can elate, elevate, invigorate, actually charge a person with positive energy for the rest of the day, or even a lifetime. Just one good word! The effort can be so small, yet can mean so much, especially when it comes from the heart. This simple, easy act represents the beginning of a new state of mind, a knowing that one person can change the world for the better. When you do this, you will SEE the positive changes you are making. It becomes a part of the world. This planet needs every single person to contribute to the universal good!

The Theatre also supports more concentrated efforts for changing the
world, including Letter Writing campaigns, spreading information, and
standing up against human suffering in any of its forms.

Join our voices! Make yours a voice which lends itself to the harmony of all people! Do this in your neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, families... the creation of peace in our lives and in the
world is the greatest goal we could have in this lifetime. Never underestimate the power of your voice, of your compassion, of your spirit.
You are powerful!

With this thought, we welcome you to the Theatre of the Happy Nation,
and the the WORLD WIDE LEV.

Thank you

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The Hundredth Monkey: Nuclear Protest

this area, especially Hundredth Monkey, is under construction. Any sites advocating World Peace are strongly encouraged to support us by adding a link to this page. Thank you.