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1324 Elmwood Ave #3 * Rochester, NY 14620 * (716) 461-3976 * (716) 248-0510

OBJECTIVE To get a full time position where I can effectively apply my skills.

09/93 - 02/98
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, minor in Business Administration.

  • Important Classes Taken:
    • System Programming Fundamentals
    • Operating Systems Lab
    • Distributed Systems Lab
    • Computer Architecture
    • Object Oriented Programming and Design

  • Awards and Honors:
    • Computer Science House Member
    • Dean's List - Fall 93, Spring 94, Spring 96, Fall 97


Programming Language Skills
  • C/C++ (4+ years)
  • Visual C++ with MFC (2 years)
  • Java with JDK 1.12 (1 year)
  • 680x0 Assembly (1 year)
  • Modula-2
  • HTML 3.0
  • SQL
  • SQR

Operating Systems
  • Unix (5 years)
  • Ultrix (3 years)
  • SunOS 4.1 (3 years)
  • Solaris 4.0 (3 years)
  • Linux (2 years)
  • OpenVMS
  • DOS 5.x-6.2x
  • Windows 3.1x (1 year)
  • Windows NT (1 year)
  • Windows 95 (2 years)

Miscellaneous Skills
  • Computer:
    • Object Oriented Design (OOD),
    • Object Oriented Architecture (OOA),
    • ActiveX components/COM technology
    • Berkely Sockets,
    • RMI
    • Clinet/Server/Proxy programming
    • System Administration
  • Management:
    • Resource Allocation
    • Customer Interaction
    • Project Estimates
    • Progress Tracking

01/97 - Present
Millennium Computer Corp., Pitsford, NY
Software Engineer

  • Designed and implemented application in accordance to customer specifications.
  • Was in the role of a Technical Project Lead for some of the projects assigned to the team.
  • Was involved in porting applications from Win32 to Win16 and from Intel to Alpha architecture.
  • Implemented custom controls for a few applications using Microsoft ActiveX technology.
  • Communicated with and did on-sight consultant work for customers.
  • Debugged and ported applications for customers.

06/96 - 12/96
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, Rochester, NY
Programmer Coop

  • Debugged client/server application that dealt with the Oracle Database.
  • Programmed SQL and SQR scripts to access and retrieve information in the database.
  • Wrote a program that checked for the cyclical redundancy in the Oracle database.
  • Wrote and debugged multiple programs that accessed and manipulated the Oracle database.

Micrografx Inc., Richardson, TX
Software Engineer

  • Fashioned the suite installer for one of the Micrografx Graphics Suites.
  • Created and Un-installer to remove the suite from the users system.
  • Assisted in debugging one of the programs in the suite.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
Team Leader

  • Lead a group of four students including myself in design, and implementation of an Operating System for an SGI Indi machine with an R4000 processor.
  • Implemented interrupt driven I/O for the operating system.
  • Designed and implemented a driver for the network card as well as some of the lower levels of the IP stack.

This was an Operating Systems class where I worked in teams of 4 people to implement an operating system on a network computer. This class provided the experience in writing and testing firmware and ISRs.

06/96 - 12/96
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Project Lead

  • Designed and wrote a Java client program that simulated a mission to Mars
  • Designed and wrote a database in C++ that stored all the mission parameters and progress.
  • Designed and wrote a multithreaded Java proxy server that interfaces with the C++ database and used RMI (Remote Methode Invocation) to connect the client to the database to add and retrieve information.
  • Provided my own encription for safe deliver of information.

REFERENCES Available upon request