The archive is down.
If you can host it, or know someone who can, please mail me.
It will take up a TON of bandwidth, so serious offers only please.

Update (08.31.02): I have received a fair number of emails, and I appreciate all of them.
A lot of offers to move the archive off campus have come in, but most are not feasible (geocities and your AOL account WILL NOT handle the amount of bandwidth I need.
However, one such offer seems very promising and I will be looking into it in the next week or two.
In the meantime, the archive is down - and will stay down - until I move it off campus.

Update (9.18.02): I'm nearing a decision on what to do with the archive and would like to have something finalized within a few weeks (sorry, but I am a busy person).
If you have any comments please mail me - don't bother asking for individual files.

I have decided to let the archive die. I will not be putting it up elsewhere. If you happen to live on floor and want a copy then find me and I'll give you one. Please do not mail me asking for files, or the entire thing, I highly doubt I'll even respond. Sorry, but I just don't care to keep it alive.

Update (9.13.05): It's back online - thanks to Pete F. Enjoy, beetches!

-- WXS