Jack was silent, pensive, captured within the internal workings of his own mind. He drew deeply upon his cigarette as he scanned the dingy cafe for something worth studying. Suddenly a door was thrown open. A frigid breeze came screaming in slapping Jack's face without compromise. "Damn !!" said Jack to himself as he looked towards the door to identify the person responsible for this assault. It was a woman. It was more woman than Jack had ever seen. Her dramatic beauty could not be defined. "I must meet this woman" Jack said to himself. Jack pushed away his apprehension and stood abruptly. A deluge of blood filled Jack's head overcoming him with a happy feeling. Jack paused briefly to appreciate this unexpected buzz and then ventured onward. Jack had arrived at her table before realizing he had left his. Jack stood there motionless, helpless, like a old obedient dog. Jack introduced himself meekly and waited patiently for a response. "My name is Marilyn" she replied in a soft cotton voice that flowed like honey over hot biscuits. Jack was enamored and fell into the seat next to her. As they continued to converse, Jack become aware of a subtle, yet annoying clicking sound. Jack tried to ignore this clicking sound but soon it drove him to distraction. He decided that he must identify the source of this annoyance if he was to maintain a conversation with Marilyn. "Do you hear that clicking sound" Jack interrupted. Marilyn seemed agitated as she replied "Yes, I hear that clicking sound ". Marilyn removed her prosthetic lips and placed them neatly upon her napkin.Paragraph End Symbol

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