August 1, 1997

Genre: Action/Thriller. Studio: Columbia Pictures. Production Company: Beacon Communications/Presidential Productions. Project Phase: Greenlighted.

The Cast

Harrison Ford (The President); Gary Oldman; Wendy Crewsen; Glenn Close; Jurgen Prochnow; Liesel Mathews; Paul Guilfoyle.

The Crew

Wolfgang Petersen (Director); Andrew Marlowe (Screenwriter); Armyan Bernstein, Wolfgang Petersen, Gail Katz, Jon Shestack (Producers); David Lester, Marc Abraham, Tom Bliss (Executive Producers); Richard Francis-Bruce (Editor); Michael Ballhaus (Director of Photography); William Sandell (Production Designer): Terry Frazee (Special Effects Supervisor).

The Premise

Terrorists take over Air Force One, holding the First Family as hostages. Military reprisals are useless, as the plane has the latest countermeasures on-board - as well as access to the nation's nuclear arsenal. Perched in a virtually-invulnerable fortress, the Russian leader of the terrorists demand the freedom of his associates. One person, acting alone and hiding on the plane, has the military training and the knowledge to immobilize key sections of the plane, and try to save his family - the President of the United States.

Release Date: August 1, 1997.

The Buzz

Die Hard meets The American President meets Crimson Tide. If Ford is interested, chances are good that the script pulls this unlikely scenerio off.
Scoop Feedback: September 23, 1996... Because of the unique capabilites of the President's plane, any rescue attempt is impossible, so the president (who happens to be a Vietnam vet, and helicopter pilot) must go into action. The villains, who are trying to arrange the release of a prisoner currently being held by the United States, have the added luxury of commandeering an aircraft that is equipped to launch a nuclear attack, which will no doubt form the basis for further blackmail. Director Peterson has surprisingly acquired the help of the Pentagon, who has agreed to provide the production with a squadron of F-15's, a couple transport aircraft, some helicopter gunships, and some Blackhawk choppers. Filming will occur in Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. [Scoop info provided anonymously.]

September 24, 1996... "Filming of this big budget action movie is underway here in Ohio. Oddly enough, in the movie, Ohio is portraying Russia. The Moscow scenes are actually set in Case Western Reserve University circle. Little is known about the plot, but Harrison Ford is playing the President, with Glenn Close as his VP." [Scoop provided by 'jdf7'.]
October 3, 1996... The movie title may change to 'AFO' or 'AF1' - word is that the White House doesn't want the plane's title and designation used. [Scoop info supplied by Gary Harris and 'Speedy'.] October 15, 1996... A little birdie tells CA that a 747 was painted in full Air Force One colors last week at Leading Edge Aircraft Painters in Greenville, MS. Bullet holes could be seen riddled throughout the fuselage. [Scoop reported anonymously.]
October 22, 1996... The title 'Air Force One' can't be used because another producer apparently has the option on that title. [Scoop submitted by 'st7i9'.]
October 31, 1996... [Release date information supplied by 'st7i9'.]
Many thanks to Kay McAfee for the contribution of this information!

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