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The Game...

The Tron arcade game is composed of 4 individual games...
Grid Bugs
| Probably the easiest game in Tron. The object of this game is to move Tron into the "flashing circle" which is the I/O Tower in the center of the screen before time runs out. The gridbugs (which appear in the movie for a whopping 3 seconds) multiply like mad, and if Tron touches them, he dies. But the user can move Tron's arm with the spinner to aim, and fire disks at the bugs to kill them. If Tron makes it into the I/O Tower, he is beamed up, and the game is completed. |
Light Cycles
| Probably the most popular game in Tron. This is the game that is usually what is meant when people refer to a "Tron-like" game. The object is to surround the computer's yellow cycles with a trail of light emitted from the back of Tron's blue cycle. If Tron's cycle runs into the side walls, or light from any of the other cycles, he dies. |
MCP Cone
| This game is similar to the Atari game "Breakout". The object is to clear a hole in the protective blocks in front of the MCP cone so that Tron can make it into the cone itself... Unlike the movie where Flynn jumped into the cone, and Tron just shot his disk in. Anyway. To make matters worse, the cone can have up to 6 levels of protective blocks, which rotate either clockwise, or counter-clockwise, AND the whole shebang moves down, towards Tron... |
| The tanks game in Tron is similar to the Atari 2600/VCS game "Combat", but not really. You have to move Tron's red tank through a maze and shoot the computer's blue tanks or red recognizers. There are anywhere between 1 and 5 enemy tanks to destroy. Enemy tanks require only one shot to take out Tron's tank, while Tron must fire three shots to take out one of the computer's tanks. |

The game is organized into 12 levels, easiest to hardest, as follows:

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Game Strategies

Here are some patterns & tips for playing Tron
Page 1 187k
Page 2 205k
Page 3 174k
Page 4 176k
Page 5 174k
Page 6 165k
| These are scanned pages from Joystik Magazine's January 1983 issue. This is Richard Ross' strategy. He won the Tron contest (July 6-7 1982) with a total of 3,958,901 points over three games. (That contest was covered in Joystik's November 1982 issue... scans to come soon...)
I'll HTMLize these later...
My Strategy
| This is my strategy & patterns that I use when I play. It is a combonation of Rob's, Tim Oertel's (Hi Tim!) and my patterns & many hours spent standing in our living room...
My high score is currently 145,000 points , and my average is around 88,000 points per game, with everything set at the factory default settings.

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My Game...

Here's a terrible image of my Tron arcade machine

Here are my Tron machines. The fullsize tron is on the right, and the mini is to the left... The mini now contains Satan's Hollow. The mini has a regular arcade stick in it from a (failed) attempt to put pengo in that machine... Also in the picture are a few MCR2 boardsets, a small stuffed penguin, and the head from my halloween costume, Max, from the Sam & Max comics. There's also an Atari 400 atop the fullsize Tron.
You can notice that the frontmost edge of the side sticker has been painted, and is wearing through. (anyone have a replacement?)

Here are some samples of my Tron playing music and SF/X

Joystick Insert image!!
Here is the long awaited .jpg of the joystick insert for my TRON arcade machine. It was scanned in at 600dpi, then retouched a little. Corel Paint and Adobe Photoshop were used. Just print it out on a Dye Sublimation printer at 600dpi, sandwich it between some acetate or very thin plexiglass, and call it good!
You might need to adjust the brightness and contrast of it to get it to print properly..

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The Links...

Here are some other pages on the web with some info about Tron
The Mame Homepage
| From here, you can get MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for your system. Remember, READ THE DOCS before asking questions! |
Mame ROMs
| You used to be able to download the roms for TRON or Discs Of TRON roms here to run on the emulator. I can't help you find them now. Try searching GOOGLE. |
| "The Killer Emulator" The original TRON emulator for the PC. |
| "TRON Home Page" A homepage for all aspects of the movie, "TRON". It also has a link to Yori's Tron board, a bulletin board for Tron related stuff...
This is a good TRON starting point...
| "Misc. Unsorted Arcade Related Stuff" This is where I found the Jan '83 Joystik article |
Tron Game
| "Midway/Bally Tron" A page about the arcade machine |
| "Tron Manual" The pre-release manual for the arcade machine. (as mega huge .gif's!) |
| "Video Arcade Preservation Society" Of course... I'm a member! |

All graphics on this page were originally generated by the "KEM" and "MAME" emulators, and slightly mangled in Adobe Photoshop. All photographs were taken by myself with an Olympus XA 35mm camera (thanks dad!), and mangled in Photoshop as well.
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many Grid Bugs died to create this page. / Scott "Jerry" Lawrence