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Yes, if you haven't been able to tell... I do have a thing for chick-musicians :)

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Disclaimer? I don't even know 'er!
All products mentioned may or may not be the trademarks of their respective companies. All views expressed are the views of the person who wrote them, or spoke them, in this case, probably me. I am not responsible for any wrong-doing or stupidness caused by the information held within these pages. No animals were in any way harmed in the creation of these pages, with the exception of a mosquito which bit me. Mosquitos are not animals so nevermind that last exception. If you like what was done in these pages, then i did, it, i take credit for it; however if you do not like what i have done, then it was not me, I don't know what you're talking about. Any similarity between any views, images, sound samples, melodies, people, animals, monsters, artists, or fictional characters is completely non-intentional, but if you find any, please let me know.

This started out as a joke, but being all the dorks and idiots on the net that there are nowadays, you can never tell what you can be held liabel for... ugh

/ Scott "Jerry" Lawrence