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TRON v2.0

Alan and Flynn uncover a terrible masterpiece abandoned by Dillinger,
and the only way to stop it, is to go back inside the machine...

tron2.txt Second Rough Draft, November 5, 1998
This isn't the latest version of the screenplay, but I figured I'd put it up here anyway. There may be some typos, and there are some plot elements absent from this draft. Please address any comments to the e-mail address in the file. It is (c)Copyright 1998 Scott Lawrence

many bowls of soup were spilled on my lap while writing the above.

I'm currently working on a second screenplay, and also storyboarding it simultaneously.
I'm using this little storyboarding 3-up sheet(100dpi 8x10.5" jpeg) which i just hacked together in Photoshop. / Scott "Jerry" Lawrence

All graphics on this page were made using Cloanto's Personal Paint 7.1, running under the Amiga emulator, UAE.