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Goldfish Health
Emergency Checklist

Is your goldfish safe? This list indicates the most serious dangers. If you note any item in this checklist to be true for your fish, act immediately! If you cannot find enough information here, or suspect any problem with your fish, please contact your local petstore or vet immediately. Such a call is usually free, and could save your goldfish's life.

Does your fish...

seem to be gasping for air constantly?
have rapidly flapping gill-covers?
hang at the waterline with his mouth at the water's surface?
live in a fishbowl?
have dirty water?
exhibit an unhealthy or unusual appearance (spots, fuzz, etc.)?
exhibit some unusual or odd behavior?
have trouble swimming?
refuse to eat?


Remember that keeping your fish's water clean is the best way to avoid disease in your tank (A partial water change of 30% once a week is suggested). Also avoid overcrowding and use of soap in or around the tank. When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your local petstore, vet, or mail us at the goldfish sanctuary.

Thank you