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The Goldfish Sanctuary
dedicated to the humane treatment of fish everywhere

Who hears the fish when they cry?

- Henry David Thoreau

The goldfish is the most common household pet in the world. It is a hardy, interesting, exciting and lovable pet which can live for many years and provide its caretakers with a lifetime of enjoyment and affection.

Unfortunately, because of its commonality, adaptability, and small price, the goldfish is often mistreated, abused, underfed, or made to live in otherwise intolerable conditions.

How many people leap at the chance to care for one of these remarkable creatures, later to decide that they have not even the time to feed it?

The Goldfish Sanctuary is opposed to this kind of maltreatment. A goldfish is inexpensive, yes, but its life is not a worthless one. It is the goal of this Sanctuary to provide a safe, ideal home for goldfish whose owners either mistreat them or are unable to care for them.

Presently, this is a small organization. Because of this fact, funds are limited. We depend upon and gladly accept any donations offered - either money or supplies. If you are an individual who could offer such a donation, or a fish-shop who could either offer a donation or discount, please contact:

Goldfish Sanctuary HQ

The Goldfish Sanctuary has over 12 chapters globally who work independently and collectively for the universal well-being of the goldfish. We welcome all goldfish who can no longer be cared for by their owners. If your fish spawned and you don't have space for the babies, we want to help. We also do what we can to oppose the sale of fish by inhumane dealers and petstores. We also welcome letters from sympathizers and potential members everywhere.

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GFS has welcomed over 42,000 visitors.

Information you can find at the Goldfish Sanctuary home page: You can discover information on how to care for your goldfish , including goldfish feeding, appropriate tank sizes, doing water changes for your goldfish , furnishing suitable for the goldfish aquarium, appropriate temperatures to keep your goldfish in, and proper equipment for your goldfish tank. You can also find out about the different varieties of goldfish , species information , and information on how to be a compassionate goldfish keeper. You may also find out how YOU can adopt a goldfish or even how you can become a sympathizer to the Goldfish Sanctuary. Some information is pending, but comments and questions are always welcome. Enjoy your visit, and don't forget to tell fellow fishkeepers about the Goldfish Sanctuary.

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