Welcome to the official SoundCraft home page.

Soundcraft is one of the first and leading programs to emulate DJ "Scratching" of digital sound files as if they were vinyl records. Although currently in its prototype stage, the SoundCraft engine beats many of the other programs that attempted to digitally emulate scratching.
Soundcraft uses the mouse as the input device to enable the user manipulate the sound file in real-time. So far, in comparison to other programs, SoundCraft produces the most realistic scratching sound that could easilly be confused with real analog vinyl scratching.

In fact, the only way to tell that the scratching is done digitally is because of the extra clarity of the sound. Vinyl records usually collect dust and deform over time, as a result there may be a lot of fuzz and noise in real vinyl scratching. With digital data is never the case, the sound that is produces is always loud and clear.

Currently SoundCraft is in its test (Beta) stage, however, SoundCraft was developed and improved over the period of many months. The core engine is extremly stable and is becoming faster and more compact in each release. As soon as all the testing and polishing is complete SoundCraft will be put into use with a nice interface and possibly an mp3 decoder engine.

Stay tuned and check the news for more SoundCraft updates!