Monday, Jun 18, 2001: Upcoming versions...

Now that it's summer I have much more time to contribute to the project. I have been designing a layout for the interface of the fully featured DJ program. As soon as I am done with it I'll post a screenshot of what's coming. In the meantime I have some new versions coming that are gonna pack some more features. I will need the engine to have all the features I want before I put it to the next project, which involves an MP3 decoder and of course the new interface. I have finally put in a bit of eye candy to soundcraft. Tha plan for the DJ program involved a couple of waveform scrolling displays. I have put one to the test in the next prototyped version I am releasing. And for the impatient folks, here's a screenshot of what's coming up :)


Thursday, Apr 26, 2001: Soundcraft homepage is born!

Welcome to the official Soundcraft engine homepage. Currently the latest version is posted in the downloads page, as well as the last three versions. As soon as I get more time I will post more sample WAVs up there. In the mean time I will try to get busy on the new user interface for soundcraft. Since this is the first public release of this software, I am hoping to get lots of feedback on this new technology. :) (Yep, NEW technology!)
Anyways, tell all your friends about Soundcraft and tell them to tell their friends.....etc... Its time to get popular!