SoundCraft FAQ

Q: Soundcraft crashes as soon as I run it!
A: Make sure that there is a file called scratch.wav in the same folder as the soundcraft executable. Also, if you are using your own wav file, make sure its format is a 44Khz 16bit Stereo PCM Codec.

Q: Soundcraft gives me the following error: Data Size > 32mb then crashes.
A: Currently the WAV file size is limited to 32mb. In the final version this limit will be taken off. However currently it is used as aprecaution because the Soundcraft application loads the entire WAV into memory.

Q: The sound is playing but there are a lot of clicks and pops.
A: Check your CPU usage, chances are soundcraft doesn't get enough CPU power to be able to write to the soundcard fast enough.

Q: So how the hell do I scratch anyway?
A: Simply hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse left and right over the client area of the window. As long as you hold down the button you may hapily wander off of the client area and still be able to scratch. It is a good idea however to maximize the window.

Q: When I drag the mouse to scratch, the sound is kind of distorted or uneven. Th pitch seems to oscillate even when I move the mouse at a constant speed.
A: If you are using an optical mouse, especially USB, there have been some problems with some mice that were tested with Soundcraft. Try using a regular PS/2 mouse or attach the optical via an adaptor to PS/2. Unfortunately because of the way some optical mice handle reading the movement, there is no way to prevent the "oscillating motion" problem. Thanks Microsoft.

Q: The sound stops playing whenever I switch to any other window!
A: This is not a bug but a feature that Microsoft put into its wonderful DirectX API. The problem will be resolved in the future versions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: What are all these weird numbers that are displayed on the window?
A: That's just the debug information. When the new interface is finished, it will not have them.

Q: Is there a way to set mouse sensitivity?
A: You bet! To set the sensitivity simply press the +/- keys on the keyboard while in Soundcraft. You'll notice that the Mouse Speed indicator in the window will change.

Q: So what are other buttons I should know about?
A: Right mouse button restarts the wav file, middle mouse button is a cool studder effect, try it.

Q: I found a bug!
A: First off check if the bug is not already listen in this FAQ. If it's not, use the feedback section of the page to submit it. Please be sure to provide information that is listed on that page. Otherwise there would be no way to fix the bug.

Q: I still can't get it to work.
A: Please do the same thing as in the previous question. Be sure to provide full information on your hardware and software installed. The test phase of this project isn't over until it can run on most systems. Also be sure that you are running the latest version of Soundcraft.