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Symptoms: Redness on fish, bloodstreaks on skin without apparent injury, especially blood streaks in the fins, inflamed blood vessels in the skin and at fin bases stand out, small haemorrhages around eyes, loss of appetite, sluggish or very sluggish behavior

Septicemia can come as a result of another infection or illness (such as finrot) or it can result instead from dirty water.

When the bacteria enter the goldfish's circulatory system, they are able to travel throughout the fish's body very quickly, causing damage to body tissue, blood vessel, and the fish's heart. This often results in internal bleeding. Because these fluids may fill the fish's abdomen, dropsy may also result. This is a very serious condition and must be treated immediately.

The first thing to do is to contact your vet or petstore for further instruction. In the meanwhile, placing the afflicted fish into a quarantine tank will allow it time away from its tankmates. Septicemia is fatal unless treatment is administered immediately.