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Inside the Mind of The Mute

The Mute, gile, The Emo Kid. Whatever you want to call me...

Welcome inside my head. I'm that quiet guy over in the corner. You know, that one doing his work, not bothering anyone, not asking anything of anyone. Little did you know that he was totally fuckin' bonkers, eh?

Take everything you see and read with a grain of salt. I might be wrong, or I might just not be right in the head. I try to be an honest man (also, I'm not very good at lying), so that's about the only thing I have going for me.

Finally, this isn't a grey box.

What? He's writing more outside of the little grey box above?

You probably already know me. I don't get many visitors outside of the people I know. And even within them. So I'll save the life story. Besides, you can learn anything about me you'd ever want to know by looking through here.

If you're looking something that's updated a lot more regularly than this, try my LiveJournal. Even there, you'll find that I don't write often, because I find that I say what I want in a far too terse fashion. Writing has never come easy to me, even though I do like doing it.

Wow. Got quite a bit out there, no? Move along, this is not the page you want to see...