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10 Jul 2001

When it all started, I was traveling with a bunch of people, many of them my friends. The most notable of the group was this girl, whom I had long before fallen deeply in love with. I never let out the notion that I was ever in love, and therefore we were still good friends.

This trip we were on, to where I know not, was going to take more than one day, and rather than stop, we decided to sleep on the bus. By this time, I was now sitting with, and talking to, this girl. It was the standard friendly meaningless talk, and we were enjoying ourselves.

Then it was late, and all of us were tired. Many started to go to sleep, but we just continued talking, getting more and more quiet as the rest fell asleep.

I didn't, and still don't, know what came over me, for I am usually quite reserved about my real feelings and thoughts. I told her that I was in love with her, and had been for a long time. For a moment, we sat in silence, and then she spoke. She told me that she had already known, and that she was in love with me as well.

We were now tired and really needed some sleep. Streched across the seat, I held her in my arms and then we slept, throughout the night and into the next day. That was the end of my chasing after love, and all of it's torture: we slept.