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24 Jul 2002

About two years ago, I was reading jwz's grunt about his wrists. At the time, I had been having a bit of pain myself, in part due to the fact that I just spent too much time typing. Later on, I found the Dvorak layout and how to use it. So, I tried it. For three days. After the third day, I got so frustrated that I just gave up.

Six months ago, I found another site on the Dvorak keyboard. I figured that now I have more patience and willingness to make the switch. I lasted two weeks this time. Fast forward two months, and now I've switched back to Dvorak. The night before a LAN party. That meant minimal typing, combined with what I had already learned. Almost four months later, I'm still using it.

After learning, it seems easier and more logical to use. More comfortable too, even if it is still on a typewriter-style board. The pain is gone, but my wrists are still weird. They crack and pop when I move them around enough.

Still, I'd like to get ahold of one of those Kinesis Contour keyboards. I'm not a good touch-typist, so it would be a rather interesting learning experience.

If you can get over the (re-)training period, you'll probably like typing on Dvorak better than the back-asswards QWERTY design (created for 19th century typewriters). Don't train for more than two hours a day, or you will go insane.