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Since 1993. For all LEVers, Everywhere, Forever.

Welcome friend! You have come upon a place of harmony, a place of peace. You have come upon a place of storytelling and art and music and joy, a virtual paradise where all are welcome. We are equals, and we value the contributions of all our members. We ask of each only that our laws, the laws of LEV, are observed.

What is LEV?

LEV - (lev) n. 1 - The state which exhibits the qualities of peace, harmony, acceptance, and unity without unnecessary seriousness.

The LEV_SOCIETY is dedicated to the furtherment of Levity throughout the net and throughout the world. The first step to a better world is to treat others with respect, and we accomplish this by asking that no member of our community has fun at the expense of another. This is our only requirement for membership, and it is by this philosophy that our society has come to be.

So why not take a little tour? Our tourguides are ready to show you the sites! Throw off the shackles of beauracracy and embrace the ideals of the WORLD WIDE LEV.

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If you are interested in becoming a member, or have a question about the WORLD WIDE LEV, be sure to visit:

The LEV Postoffice

I'd put a bookmark in this place if I were you, because the WORLD WIDE LEV expands to include many new and exciting areas all the time. Visit often, welcome your friends, but most of all,


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