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Symptoms: Grey, dirty-grey, or grey-white tufts of cottony material covering areas of the fish's body ... sometimes covering almost all of the fish's skin

When you suspect a fungus, there are several possible causes. All are somewhat similar in appearance, and include common Fungus, Mouth Fungus, and Body Fungus.

The most common of the fungus-type infections is described here. The material on the fish often appears grey or dirty-grey because algae often grow on this fungus.

Fungus always indicates that there is another problem which has weakened the fish. Some possibilities are parasites or even an injury due to spawning or due to running into a tank decoration. Whatever the secondary reason, it should be found and taken into account when the fish is treated for fungus.

The first thing to do is to contact your vet or petstore for further instruction. Several good medications are available. It may be beneficial to move a badly afflicted fish to a quarantine tank for the fish's sake and to prevent the spread of this ailment to other fish. Leave the filter running, but remove any activated carbon because this substance takes medicine out of the water. Remember, the key to treating fungus successfully is prompt action.