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Mouth Fungus (aka Body Fungus, Columnaris)

Symptoms: Tufts of white, grey, or grey-white material around the mouth region, white or grey patches on the fish's skin

When you suspect a fungus, there are several possible causes. All are somewhat similar in appearance, and include common Fungus, Mouth Fungus, and Body Fungus.

In fact, Mouth Fungus isn't a fungus at all, but a kind of bacterial infection. The slime bacteria string together as very fine 'threads' to form the white, tufty appearance.

The first thing to do is to contact your vet or petstore for further instruction. Several good medications are available. If the problem persists, your vet or petshop may suggest antibiotics. It is wise to treat your main tank in order to ensure that you have successfully removed all traces of the bacteria from it (although it may be beneficial to also move a badly afflicted fish to a quarantine tank). Avoid using a net to catch an afflicted fish... use a plastic bag or other suitable container. Leave the filter running, but remove any activated carbon because this may take medicine out of the water. Remember, the key to effective treatment is prompt action.