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Symptoms: Fish's eyes stick out unusually

It is important to realize that some varieties of goldfish have eyes which naturally protrude, like the Moor, the Celestial, and the Water Bubble Eye. If your fish is a juvenile, it is possible that its eyes are developing into their adult configuration, perhaps to your surprise. (Sometimes, a fish will not develop telescopic eyes until it is two years of age).

Pop-eye, however, is a condition which causes a fish's eyes to protrude away from the fish's head in an unusual way. Pop-eye is usually caused by septicemia or tuberculosis.

The first thing to do is to contact your vet or petstore for further instruction. In the meanwhile, placing the afflicted fish into a quarantine tank will allow it time away from its tankmates. Septicemia must be treated immediately if the fish is to survive, and Tuberculosis is extremely serious, and so vetrinary advice is vital. Tuberculosis is sometimes transmittable to humans, and so vetrinary advice is doubly recommended.